Congratulations to the children of the Confirmation candidates of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish on receiving the sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday, November 10th, 2016.


This is a very special for time them, as they are now fully initiated in the church as adults.


We are extremely proud of them and acknowledge all the preparation they have done in order to receive this


We would like to congratulate:



Giuseppe (Gabriel) Bianco

Thomas (Dominic) Cerrato

Luciano (Michael) Clare

Matthew (Pio) Conenna

Christopher (Stephen) DeSimone

Frank (Michael) Galano

Axel (Antony) Meza Garcia

Alexander (Martin) Gittens

Joel (Moses) Goyes

Michael (Francesco) Illare

Joseph (Michael) Linea

David (Francisco) Olmedo Lopez

Carlos (Juan) Macuil

Antonio (Anthony) Martir

Erick (Christopher) Marut

Kevin (Joseph) Mizhquiri

Christopher (Jose) Castillo Morales

Carlos (Paul) Nasipucha

Tyler (Patrick) O’Leary

Bernardo (Peter) Perratore




Lidia (Lucia) Argenziano

Caitlin (Anastasia) Bianco

Daisy (Cisne) Buestan

Areisy (Philomena) Campos

Olivia (Lucia) Carofalo

Olivia (Veronica) Chaber

Marina (Hope) Crisera

Lourdes (Rose) Carrion

Marianna (Gianna) D’Angelo

Alexia (Clare) Grippo

Emily (Flora) Hernandez

Raquel (Regina) Jimenez

Kate (Cecilia) Korey

Alyssa (Mary) Maresca

Kerry (Frances) McGouran

Emily (Genevieve) Montenigro

Yosselin (Catherine) Castillo Morales

Yosseri (Maria) Patino

Angelica (Catherine) Rao

Kelly (Teresa) Saquisili

Angela (Mary) Scire

Alyssa (Alice) Sosa

Isabella (Sophia) Torani

Starr (Genevieve) Torres

Nicole (Rosalina) Trillos

Dory (Frances) Villareal

Irina (Agnes) Zheng



 Thank you to:

Mrs. Cusmano

Ms. Szal

Mr. Garrison

Ms. Catt


Sister Ann Martin for all of their work.



We would like to give a special thank you to Mrs. Marina Cassiliano,

our Coordinator of Faith Formation, for ensuring that all of our candidates are diligently prepared.

We would also like to thank her for all of her efforts in ensuring that the sacrament of Confirmation

was a success.



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