We want to thank the members of our parish’s Special Feast Committee who worked countless hours several days before Christmas to decorate our Church for the Christmas Season. These dedicated parishioners always put in whatever time is necessary to make our church one of the most beautiful in New York City… and never once complaining about it. They just do it… and get it done.


So… our sincerest thanks go to the following:

Joan Giacchetti                                                               

Janet Bova                                                                          

Gwen Hilonowitz                                                           

Robin Mollica                                                                  

Nancy Panetta                                                             

Ann Romeo                                                                        

Grace Sferrazza                                                                            

Maria Dispenza                                                                                            

Anthony Di Benedetto

Phyllis Marc Anthony  

Pauline Burgio

Sr. Ann Martin Kelly  

Maria Attardo

Roseann Mc Cutcheon

 Jeanie Ungro

Clorinda Annarummo

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