Parish Memorial Opportunities

Posted on January 27, 2017 in: Primary Home Page

There are several opportunities available to remember a friend or family member by donating religious and liturgical items that will be used right here in our parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Each item donated will have the name of the person memorialized affixed to the item. In addition, anyone wishing to make a donation for one of these items in their own name will have their name affixed to the item.

You can arrange for your donation at the rectory office.


We are currently trying to buy new vestments to be used for our funeral masses, replacing the old, worn and faded vestments.


Celebrant Chasuble  Price: $400.00

Color: Ivory & Purple


Concelebrant Chasuble Price: $400.00

Color: Ivory & Purple 


Deacon Dalmatic Price: $400.00

Color: Ivory & Purple

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