Paving Stone Requests

Posted on April 10, 2017 in: Primary Home Page

Reservations for the next batch of paving stones for our Prayer
Garden are currently being accepted.
We anticipate the next order to be placed in the
Spring of 2017.
What better gift can you give to a friend or family
member than donating a new paving stone to be placed in our new
Prayer Garden?
This gift will be part of our church prayer garden for as long as our
church stands.
You can also make arrangements to reserve a paving stone in
memory of the deceased – and you will be
given a special card with the image of
Our Lady of Guadalupe that you can present to the
family at the wake or funeral.
As long as Our Lady of Guadalupe exists, people in all the
decades to come will walk through this garden and
remember the people and the names of those who
created this garden and whose names are carved into the very
stones of these pathways.
Simply stop in the rectory office.
You can pay for your stone immediately with a check, cash or major
credit card. You can also reserve your stone now and pay for it
in three installments, if that makes it easier.

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