Good Friday 

Sponsored by the parish committees of:

ST. Athanasius-ST. Bernadette- ST. Dominic- ST. Finbar- ST. Frances Cabrini 

ST. Mary, Mother of Jesus- Our Lady of Guadalupe- ST. Rosalia/Regina Pacis-STS. Simon and Jude. 

March 25th 2016 at 7:30pm  

Most. Rev. Paul Sanchez D.D.

Auxiliary Bishop of the Doicese of Brooklyn, with Priest, Deacons and Pashioners of the cluster 

closing ceremony at ST.Mary, Mother of Jesus 

85th Street -23rd Ave Brooklyn, 

Blessing with the Relic of the True Cross. 

All Participants are requested to carry a candle.

Procession: will start at 68th Street and 20th Ave. proceed to 20th Ave. Left on 75th Street to Stillwell Ave. Make a right turn on 23rd Ave to 85th Street. 

All are invited to Participate in this beautiful devotion.   

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