Gift a Paving Stone

Posted on April 01, 2016 in: General News



What better gift can you give to a friend or family member than donating a new paving stone to be placed in our new Prayer Garden? From decade to decade, reaching out to many years from now, you can donate a gift to someone special that will last a lifetime and more.


Thirty, forty, sixty years from now, people will walk through our Prayer Garden and read the names of the people remembered here. What a special way to remember someone's First Communion day, the day they received Confirmation or the day they graduated from our school.

What a special way to remember the day a newborn infant was baptized here or a couple married here. The paving stone you gift to these special people will be here forever. As long as Our Lady of Guadalupe exists, people in all the decades to come will walk through this garden and remember the people and the names of those who created this garden and whose names are carved into the very stones of these pathways.


Also, donating a special paving stone can be a truly remarkable way to honor and remember mom & dad, both those living and those who are enjoying the rewards of heaven. 

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