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  • The Mass book for the whole year of 2023 is now open. Contact the Rectory Office to request a Mass Intention for a loved one or Anniversary.

  • Registration dates for OLG Summer Camp are availed in the bulletin.

  • We've become aware that an individual is posing as our pastor using an unregistered phone number. Msgr. Romano does not solicit donations or assistance through any social platform or text messages. If you receive any calls, texts, or direct messages, we advise you to block them.

  • We invite everyone to join us for a special prayer session after each 8:30 am Mass where we will be saying the Rosary together. This gathering aims to foster reflection and unity in our faith, creating a moment of solace and strength through shared prayers.

  • We will be holding Novenas to The Sacred Heart of Jesus every first Friday of the month. The Novena will take place immediately after the 8:30 am Mass, allowing us to dedicate a special time of prayer and devotion to the Sacred Heart.

  • We invite every one of you to bring The Traveling Crucifix into your homes for a week to engage in prayer and reflection. This unique opportunity allows us to deepen our spiritual connection as a community and strengthen our faith journeys. We encourage you to sign up at the rectory and experience the profound blessings that come from welcoming The Traveling Crucifix into your lives.

  • We are seeking donations of liturgical vestments, particularly chasubles, dalmatics, and Albs to support our clergy. For details, kindly reach out to the rectory. Your contributions will help enhance the beauty of our church. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Help us achieve our target for the Annual Catholic Appeal! We have completed three quarters of our goal. Envelopes are available at the rear of the church, offered in various languages. When making your contribution, kindly address your check to their main office. Ensure it is marked for Our Lady of Guadalupe, not OLG. Your support is greatly appreciated!

  • If you haven’t donated please consider making a one-time pledge. Anything over our goal will return to the parish.

  • Follow Monsignor Romano on Instagram @Monsginor.Romano

  • The Tablet wrote a story about Sister Ann and the renovation of our sanctuary. Click here to redirect you to their website.

  • Our church was featured on News 12 Brooklyn. News 12 did a wonderful story about our police mass on June 15th, 2022. Click here to redirect you to their website.

  • Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers Needed! Please help us celebrate mass and participate in your Parish Community! Please contact our rectory if you are interested in becoming a Lector or would like to train to be a Eucharistic Minister.

Parish News

 Be sure to read a copy of the Bulletin to learn about our announcement and anything going on in our parish  

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